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Surge Protection Sydney

We are your go-to electrician in Sydney for surge protection! We have a wide range of security tools available to shield you from power surge damage.
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Surge Protection

Protection Against Power Surges

Power surges can cause your appliances to fry. Without getting services like surge protection in Sydney, it can lead to costly replacements. Your computers, television, and other electrical devices are at risk from voltage spikes you won’t even see coming.

To ensure comprehensive protection against electrical surges, it is crucial to find a fully licensed and qualified electrician to install high-quality surge protectors. Keep your valuable electrical gadgets and electronics safe with surge protection from Proximity Electrical in Sydney. 

Our team of electricians in Sydney specialises in surge damage prevention and prioritises electrical safety in every home and business. We will assess your home's electrical setup and provide a tailored surge protection plan to meet your specific needs. By taking proactive measures, you can feel at ease knowing that your valuable electronics are shielded from potentially damaging electrical surges.

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Why You Need A Switchboard Surge Protector

We can strategically install surge protectors at the switchboard to safeguard all your electrical appliances, whether they are plugged in or hard-wired. This safeguards your entire electrical system and appliances. 

While plug-and-play surge protection power pack boards are available, they only protect devices directly plugged into them. Proximity Electrical recommends surge protection for your entire electrical system to ensure comprehensive protection.

We can keep safe your computers, data centres, televisions, entertainment systems, speakers, kitchen appliances, consoles, and more. These devices are not only vulnerable to surges but also expensive to replace, making surge protection a cost-effective investment.

Schedule a consultation with our team at 02 9072 0797. We provide services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Get a free quote and experience fair pricing from our electricians in Sydney. 

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    Our expert electrical services

    We are here to assist you whether it’s an installation, upgrade or repair of your electrical problems. We provide the best solutions in the business tailored to your needs. If you are interested, get in touch with us today!

    At your switchboard

    When you install surge protection in your switchboard, we can offer you customised solutions that can save you a lot of money over time and safeguard your home from dangerous power surges produced by natural disasters like lightning.

    In your home

    Our surge protection service is designed for tough Australian conditions and can protect all the circuits and devices connected within your home’s electrical system.

    Ready to take care of your electrical issue?

    Looking for installation, repairs, or upgrades to your electricity supply? Then you need our Level 2 electricians! Proximity Electrical has over 15 years of experience that proves our skill. Our fully qualified Level 2 ASP electrician is your go-to for a range of services tailored to your needs.
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    24/7 Emergency Electricians Sydney

    TVs, ovens, dishwashers, stereos, and other electronic devices could be ruined by a voltage surge caused by nearby or direct lightning strikes, downed power lines, or faulty transformers. If the surge is severe enough, it might even start a fire; therefore, surge protection is crucial.

    In the event of a power surge, we will dispatch our licensed Sydney electricians to your home to assess the situation and recommend a suitable course of action. We guarantee a faster installation speed, giving you peace of mind.

    We offer electrical services in Sydney at reasonable prices and in a short amount of time so that your property is safe from electrical surges without breaking the bank. When you hire Proximity Electrical for your surge protection needs, you can rest easy knowing that we will complete the job correctly the first time. The documented invoice includes complete warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

    So if you want the same protection our clients receive, give our friendly team a call at (02) 9072 0797 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. Get $50 off for all jobs booked online!

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    Applying preventive measures

    In most cases, the surge lasts for only a few seconds, but that's long enough to cause problems for sensitive electronics. Our surge protection service in Sydney guarantees maximum performance. It features multiple outlets, a room for plugs, power switches, light indicators, and USB ports.

    Our Sydney-based electrician team will ensure that you no longer have to worry about power outages! Once we evaluate and check your home's electrical system, we will suggest the best product that fits your needs.

    Keeping you safe

    When it comes to the safety of the electrical appliances and electronics in your home, go no farther than Proximity Electrical, where we have years of experience working with switchboards. We are available around the clock, every day of the year, to save you from electrical surges and spikes. Our work is guaranteed in every way, so you can rest easy knowing that your home's electrical system is safe with us.

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    We assure electrical safety with our qualified Level 2 electricians. Having been 15 years in the business, we are trusted by thousands of Australians. 

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    Our affordable electrical services guarantee high-quality repair.

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    We are on-call and available 24/7 for all standard electrical work.

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    We conduct a free electrical inspection on all services we provide.
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    What does a surge protector do?
    Your electronic equipment will be safe from damage caused by spikes in voltage thanks to a surge protector. Instead, it channels the surplus voltage into the grounding wire of the wall outlet.
    Is it worth getting a whole house surge protector?
    When it comes to protecting your home against lightning and other causes, surge protection within your home’s electrical system is your best bet.
    What is the average cost of a whole house surge protector?
    It depends on the work that needs to be done but may range between $60-$500. Call our team at (02) 9072 0797 for a $0 call-out fee with transparent pricing.

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