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Electrical Maintenance Sydney

Our licensed electricians in Sydney offer electrical maintenance services. We ensure that electrical systems and equipment are in excellent condition to prevent malfunctions, breakdowns, and safety hazards.
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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance Services Sydney

Electrical systems always have chances of getting worn out, especially after years of working. How can you make sure your home is safe? Our electrical maintenance services can conduct regular inspections, testing, repairs, and replacements of electrical components. like wiring, circuits, switches, outlets, and appliances. 

We have over 15 years of experience of providing electrical maintenance in the Sydney area. We guarantee fast electrical servicing that ensures homes remain comfortable for everyone. We have the right local and licensed electricians from flickering lights to emergency services.

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Local Electricians Sydney

We deliver high-quality electrical work for affordable prices. Our electrical maintenance also includes no-obligation quotes and free electricity safety checks! Our range of electrical maintenance services includes electrical inspection, fault diagnosis, repair, installation, and preventative maintenance. 

As certified electricians in Sydney, we are available to provide electrical repairs and services 24/7! Like electricity, we will be there as fast as we can. We ensure to resolve any electrical issues quickly, minimising risks to safety and property. Schedule a consultation with our team at 02 9072 0797. Get a free quote today

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Electrical Maintenance

    Our expert electrical services

    We are here to assist you whether it’s an installation, upgrade or repair of your electrical problems. We provide the best solutions in the business tailored to your needs. If you are interested, get in touch with us today!

    Fault Detection

    Faulty lights and wiring are not just an inconvenience, but also a potential fire threat and cause of electrocution. Our team has expertise in fault detection, where we find the source and provide a safe solution.

    Surge Protection

    Prevent any electrical damage and keep your appliances safe from lightning strikes. We can assist you by providing surge protection devices for all types of appliances.


    Powerpoint installations require special expertise. Have an old one? Our team will examine and check if there’s any issues that need repair, and replace them if necessary.

    Switchboard Repairs

    We don’t just repair or replace; we also do emergency maintenance services like switchboard repairs. We make sure our services are up to industry standards.

    Lighting Repairs

    We can provide expert guidance on the finest lighting repairs for your home or business, tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

    Electrical Maintenance

    If you want your appliances and your home safe from any faulty wiring, electrical maintenance is the key. We help prevent potential electrical dangers through routine inspection and repairs.

    Ready to take care of your electrical issue?

    Looking for installation, repairs, or upgrades to your electricity supply? Then you need our Level 2 electricians! Proximity Electrical has over 15 years of experience that proves our skill. Our fully qualified Level 2 ASP electrician is your go-to for a range of services tailored to your needs.
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    Why is maintenance important in electrical?

    Electrical maintenance helps to preserve your property. Regular maintenance can fix minor electrical problems before they become a problem. Our services can help save you money in the long run since we ensure that all your circuits, switchboards and wires are in top condition. 

    • Safeguarding your home: Neglecting your electrical system can lead to catastrophic failures, risking fires, electric shocks, and electrocution, compromising home safety.
    • Cost efficiency: An inefficient electrical system can inflate your expenses, with higher electricity bills and costly repairs, while diminishing appliance efficiency.
    • Boosting energy efficiency: Consistent maintenance ensures your electrical devices function at peak efficiency, reducing energy costs.
    • Enhancing equipment longevity: Early fault detection and repairs prolong the life of your equipment, saving replacement costs.

    Proximity Electrical comprehensive services to keep your electrical systems in top condition. Our services include fault diagnosis, part replacements, system upgrades, emergency lighting repairs, switchboard upkeep and more.

    During a routine maintenance inspection, we can look for things like:

    • Find out which parts need to be upgraded.
    • Inform you of upcoming maintenance and improvements.
    • Assist you in anticipating your electrical needs and supplying the most economical options.

    Don't put yourself or anyone else in danger with improperly installed electrical lighting. Keep your worries away by contacting our team at (02) 9072 0797. In the event of an electrical emergency, you can call our friendly team anytime. Get in touch with us now for a no-obligation estimate to learn more about our offerings and get $50 off for all jobs booked online!

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    Preventive electrical maintenance keeps your electrical systems safe and reliable, and it also makes them last longer. We can assist you in increasing energy efficiency to reduce your monthly costs! If you hire our electricians, we can also detect issues early on to prevent any damage. Whether it's troubleshooting a wiring problem, replacing a switch, or performing routine electrical maintenance, we'll get to the bottom of it.

    Licensed electrician

    If you are worried about your safety or the safety of your electrical system, you can call Proximity Electrical at any time of day or night to check and test your surge protector. If you hire us for surge protection, we'll put up a device close to your electrical panel that will shield your entire home from power surges. We'll also put in extra electrical surge protectors for your electronics, like televisions and computers, to make sure they're safe from power surges.

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    We assure electrical safety with our qualified Level 2 electricians. Having been 15 years in the business, we are trusted by thousands of Australians. 

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    Our affordable electrical services guarantee high-quality repair.

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    We are on-call and available 24/7 for all standard electrical work.

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    We conduct a free electrical inspection on all services we provide.
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    How often does the electrical system need maintenance?
    It's recommended to have your wiring and electrical systems checked annually for optimal upkeep. The inspection should cover the functioning of power outlets, electrical switches, and circuit breakers to ensure the smooth operation of your house's electrical system.
    What does electrical maintenance mean?
    Electrical maintenance refers to electrical equipment maintained in optimal working condition. This involves inspecting, testing, and repairing electrical equipment as and when needed to prevent any potential issues that could result in power failure or an electrical fire.
    What kind of electrical maintenance can I undertake in Sydney?
    As per the NSW Fair Trading regulations, only licensed electricians are authorized to perform any wiring work in Sydney, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Even replacing lightbulbs requires an electrical license. For professional assistance, you can call our team at (02) 9072 0797.

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