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Emergency Electrician Sydney

We are local emergency electricians servicing all over Sydney. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to fix any electrical problems with 30 min* response time. Need after-hours electricians in Sydney, we’re the perfect choice!
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Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician Sydney

Need a reliable electrician in your area? Call us! Our expert electricians offer excellent service at affordable prices. No matter where you are in Sydney, we can handle electrical emergencies. We take pride in our fast and reliable service and can quickly fix your electrical system. Our electricians are available 24/7, so we can help you anytime!

So, if you're facing an electrical emergency, don't hesitate to give us a call at 02 9702 0797. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you. Proximity Electrical provides reliable and affordable electrical services that you can count on.

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24/7 Local Emergency Electricians in Sydney

If you have a power outage, faulty wiring, or a blown fuse, we will respond quickly. Contact our 24/7 emergency line whenever you need help from our electricians! Plus, all our electrical services include free safety checks. We understand that power outages, short circuits, and other electrical emergencies can happen at any time, so we offer our services beyond regular business hours.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in handling both residential and commercial electrical issues, and our Level 2 electricians are fully certified to work on power lines and meters. If you need our services, simply call us and provide your name, number, address, and electrical fault, and we'll give you a detailed free quote.

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Lighting and Powerpoint
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Wiring & Rewiring
Electrical Fault Finding
Surge Protection
Level 2 Electrician

    Our expert electrical services

    We are here to assist you whether it’s an installation, upgrade or repair of your electrical problems. We provide the best solutions in the business tailored to your needs. If you are interested, get in touch with us today!

    Lighting and Powerpoints Installation

    Our electricians in Sydney are highly skilled and experienced. They use the latest technology and techniques to install lighting and powerpoints in an efficient way.

    Electrical Maintenance

    We have a lot of experience finding electrical hazards. Our electricians in Sydney can help you follow a maintenance schedule to keep you safe.

    Electrical Wiring and Rewiring

    Our expert wiring and rewiring services can make your home feel new again. With our help, you can add more technology and appliances to enjoy a more comfortable living experience.

    Electrical Fault Finding

    Our electricians in Sydney also do electrical diagnostics to detect potential faults. We use modern fault-finding techniques to check and test circuit breakers, fuse box safety switches, connections overloaded with appliances, and more.

    Surge Protection

    Our electricians in Sydney are skilled at finding potential electrical problems. We use modern techniques to test circuit breakers, fuse boxes, and overloaded connections to ensure your safety.

    Level 2 Electrician

    Our Level 2 electricians are skilled and experienced in handling your electrical supply. We prioritise professionalism and care. Rest assured, we adhere to all safety and quality standards. .

    Ready to take care of your electrical issue?

    Looking for installation, repairs, or upgrades to your electricity supply? Then you need our Level 2 electricians! Proximity Electrical has over 15 years of experience that proves our skill. Our fully qualified Level 2 ASP electrician is your go-to for a range of services tailored to your needs.
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    24 Hour Emergency Electrician Near You

    We are a Level 2 emergency electrician in Sydney, providing reliable and friendly service for over 15 years. As Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 2 electricians, our team has received specialised training in electrical work. For instance, our team can visit your home and conduct a thorough electrical safety inspection to detect any potential issues, before rectifying them quickly. This ensures that you and your family are safe and can relax with peace of mind. Similarly, we offer a range of electrical safety services for businesses across Sydney. This includes emergency and exit lighting for safe and efficient evacuations, as well as LED lighting upgrades, testing and tagging, and more. As part of our commitment to safety, we also test all installations we complete.

    We have the skills to perform tasks such as installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical service lines, metres, service mains, switchboards, and more. . Our electrical services are available 24/7, ensuring that we can assist you even during those pesky midnight power outages.

    Common Electrical Emergency Issues:

    1. No Power – If your home is without electricity, it could be due to issues in your premises mains. Contact your local Gordon’s Powers emergency electrician to promptly address the problem. Avoid attempting troubleshooting on your own and wait for expert intervention.
    2. Overloading – Using too many appliances on a single circuit can lead to overload. This is a significant problem that should be either prevented or addressed promptly. We can provide guidance on avoiding such issues after resolving them for you.
    3. Damaged Live Wires – Broken wires, especially if active, can pose a severe danger of electrocution. Our emergency electrician in Bellevue Hill is equipped to resolve such issues promptly.

    Our licensed after-hours electricians in Sydney delivers prompt, professional, and cost-effective service across all suburbs. Even in emergency situations, our electricians we'll be right at your door once you give us a call! Experience 100% customer satisfaction with our team.

    We have a team of electricians available 24/7 to answer your electrical needs. Our licensed and insured electricians have years of experience in the field and use the latest tools and equipment to quickly diagnose and repair electrical issues. You can call us at 02 9702 0797 anytime!

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    Residential Emergency Electrician Sydney

    Our residential electrician in takes home safety seriously. Whether you're introducing new appliances or fixing your home electricity, our Level 2 electrician is one call away.

    Commercial Emergency Electrician Sydney

    Our commercial electricians give solutions that match what your business needs. We carry out jobs like lighting, wiring, and energy-saving ideas. We make sure to minimise disruptions so your employees and customers are safe.

    Avoid the hassle

    We assure electrical safety with our qualified Level 2 electricians. Having been 15 years in the business, we are trusted by thousands of Australians. 

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    Our affordable electrical services guarantee high-quality repair.

    Same day service

    We are on-call and available 24/7 for all standard electrical work.

    No job too big or small

    We conduct a free electrical inspection on all services we provide.
    02 9072 0797

    We're here to help!

    What do you do in an electrical emergency?
    Turn off the power and stay away from the source of the electricity. Do not touch any electrical wires or appliances that are sparking or smoking. Wait for our electricians to arrive. Once you have turned off the power, stay away from the area and wait for help to arrive.
    Is a burnt outlet an emergency?
    A burnt outlet is an electrical emergency. It is a sign that there is a problem with the wiring in your home, and it could pose a serious safety hazard. If you see a burnt outlet, do not use it and call an electrician immediately.
    When should I call an emergency electrician near me?
    You should call an emergency electrician near you if you experience any of the following: A burnt outlet, a sparking or smoking appliance, power outage that has lasted more than an hour, downed power line and any other electrical problem that you are not comfortable dealing with yourself.
    How long does it take to install electrical in a building?
    We promise to be at your door within 60 minutes of your call, or you won't have to pay for the service. This guarantee means that you can depend on us to provide you with quick and trustworthy service when you need it.

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    Your safety matters to us. That’s why we’re available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Call an emergency electrician today on 02 9072 0797.

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